Microsoft — Who Are You?


The Microsoft Who Are You? campaign focused on recognizing and celebrating the IT Professional as a unique individual in order to transform perceptions of Microsoft within this key audience.  The campaign’s execution included online visibility, print advertisements, and events where IT Professionals could showcase their multidimensional, creative personalities.


A key audience for Microsoft is the 9 million strong IT professional community in the United States. Given the importance of this audience, Microsoft is continually striving to ensure satisfaction within this community. Feeling the need to make an impression on this audience not simply through Microsoft products, but more on a consumer level, Microsoft asked Knee Deep for help in developing a program that would improve brand perception and customer satisfaction within the IT professional community.

Knee Deep Solution:

Knee Deep developed a campaign that provided Microsoft the opportunity to reach out to the IT professional on a personal level rather than as a customer. Who Are You? focused on creating a platform where the IT community could share their passions, their hobbies, and their talents thereby recognizing them for more than just their IT professional identity. The messaging, thecreative and every other element of the campaign used language and visuals that reflected the personal passions of IT Professionals rather than their tech habits. Campaign elements for Who Are You? included:

  • A Who Are You? website where IT Professionals upload videos, photos, and share stories
  • Industry events where Microsoft captured the IT Professionals’ talents, stories, and passions on video and hosted them on the Who Are You? website
  • Media plan including online advertising, print advertising, newsletter inclusions, and email campaign.
  • Creative execution for all elements of the media plan
  • Campaign tracking of unique visitors, page views, click-thru rates, etc.
  • Pre and post event survey to measure shift in perception toward Microsoft


The campaign was received positively by industry trade publications and was considered a break through idea within Microsoft. Results from pre and post event surveys showed more than a one point lift in brand perception. Microsoft has continued to maintain the Who Are You? site for the IT professional community.